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Data Import, Export, and Delete from QuickBooks Desktop

How to create a portable company file in QuickBooks

How to create a portable company file in QuickBooks

Are you a business master and you also want to transfer your accounting data from your once device to your another device? If you are using QuickBooks as your accounting software then you are fortunate enough because with QuickBooks you can easily transfer your data by using a portable company file feature. Today in this blog you will learn more about create portable company files.

Portable company files are your business accounting data that is compacted. It helps in transferring data to your other device with help of email, USB or hard drive. The portable files in QuickBooks don’t contain the company's logo, name or any other credentials. The file doesn’t contain a fixed asset file manager and won’t contain a .log or .tlg file. And most importantly why transferring the data from QuickBooks the data will be quite exact and error free as the data is transferred automatically without any human error.

How to create and Open your Portable Company file in QuickBooks

Pre-Process Steps
  • Your initial step should be to update QuickBooks to the latest version.
  • You are advised to take a full backup of your company data as it will help you to restore data back easily.
Create the Portable Company File in QuickBooks
  • Login in as an admin in QuickBooks with your credentials.
  • Then go to “File Menu” and choose “Click Copy”, after you are done choose portable company file and click next.
  • Set a name to your portable file, make it unique and simple to remember and differentiate from your other file.
  • Then choose a location to save your file, it’s recommended to save it on desktop and then click on save and close it.
Open Portable Company File in QuickBooks
  • Open up QuickBooks and login as admin.
  • Then go to the file menu and select “Open and Restore Company”.
  • Now choose to restore your company file and click next. After this select your company file having extension .qbm and open your file.
  • Click on where you want to restore your file” and hit next, then click save and open your file.

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